Introducing Lead & Inspiration

A hearty good day to everyone. A very exciting time is ahead of us as we launch. I look forward to sharing the journey ahead as we work to encourage and inspire people not only in South Africa but around the globe.

First and foremost I would like to send the following message, no matter what you are going through at the moment, stay positive, keep moving forward and dont give up!

I am Bradley Day, the founder of lead and inspire. I am an entrepreneur and solar energy consultant. I have worked in a family business, on my own and in the formal corporate sector.  I have been up and down, felt like a king at times and felt like jumping off a building at other times. I am human! My passion is people, I love hearing their stories and learning from their experiences. Life requires balance, I found that in a number of activities, from cycling, running to flying aeroplanes, these challenges often replicate real life. The biggest lessons I have learnt come from life and death, I have watched my parents die, guarded over my brothers body when he passed away and witnessed the miracle of birth when my children were born. My wife Cornelle and I are the proud parents of Emily and James.

In a world that appears to be filled with so much hate and greed we need to start looking to the beauty of the world and start encouraging each other. The world and indeed our country is not as bad as the media and politicians would have us believe.  I am looking forward to sharing the future with you.

Bradley Day20160703_140335

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