“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you” B.B. King

When we are learning we are growing, if we are not growing we are dying. I would much rather be learning and growing than dying.

Our modern world is filled with information. With a few simple clicks we are able to tap into life lessons learned from masters and authorities from around the world. Indeed some of the greatest lessons can be learned from connecting with “ordinary day to day folk”. We are able to educate ourselves without even setting foot in an educational institution. Some people, like myself, prefer to research and self teach. Others prefer the traditional method through institutions. The route you take depends on your personality and goals. For example,  a doctor, lawyer or accountant has to go through a tertiary institution.

Nelson Mandela once said that the greatest weapon to change the world is education. However, we must look a little deeper, for education is meaningless if we do not apply what we have learnt. Often we go through a rigorous process of learning, obtain some form of certificate, but never actually apply what we have learnt in real life. If education, whether obtained from a formal institution, or self taught is not applied to your business or personal life there is no point.

It must be cautioned however, with the amount of brilliant and free information out there nowadays, there is just as much misinformation. Be sure that the knowledge you gain is coming from a true and reputable source.

One of the foundations to ensure we live a happy and successful life is education.

Keep Learning, Keep Growing and Apply what you have learnt.

Bradley Day

Motivational Speaker, Business Speaking Skills Trainer, Lover of Life


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