Are you listening to you clients?

Do we listen to and understand what our clients and customers are telling us? The answer should be an obvious YES!

If my answer is based on what I see happening in the business world and my own experiences, I really don’t believe we  are listening, and it is at our own peril! Small and large organizations are making the same fundamental business error.

We need to adopt a culture of listening to our clients:

1. Listening shows respect and build relationships.

2. Listening increases knowledge.

3. Listening generates ideas that can result in new products or services.

4. Sometime we overvalue talking.

5. Ask clients questions for clarity.

 By just listening we have a better understanding of what our clients and prospects want and need. By gaining insightful knowledge are able to deliver better products or service. Listening with intent of understanding will build better relationships, this results in higher client retention and our business gets stronger.

Listen to my PODCAST Podcast or watch the video below:


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