Customer Experience

We get so caught up in our day to day running of a business that we very often forget what is truly important to the success of our business. What is it that will make our business successful and grow?

Look, most of my talks and what I do revolve a lot around leadership and what is required to be a leader. As I have said so many times before there is a huge difference between been a leader and been a boss – remember, a boss delegates, a leader inspires others to take action. A leader serves those that follow him. The same applies if you want to business to be the leader in its field. Your job is to serve those that follow you, or in the case of a business to serve their customers. When you serve your customers and you identify with them, they will follow you, and inevitably support your business. That leads us to the magic question, what is the key to becoming the leader in our industry and garnering the support and loyalty of clients.

It starts with two key elements, your brand – that is how people identify with you. Secondly, and this is what I want to focus on at this point, customer experience. How are you making your customers, clients and prospects feel when you are interacting with them?

We get so caught up in our process, lets face facts, digital transformation in our modern world is playing a huge role in this. We are constantly looking for ways to develop new technology, new apps that we forget we are serving a human at the end. Humans are emotional. Humans have feelings. Humans want to feel important. Humans want to know that their money means something to you. Yet we forget that humans, not process’s, not digital technology are our customers and clients. If we are to become leaders in our business field, we need to understand customers are our most important asset, we need to retain clients, we need to serve them. Our process’s and digital transformation need to make life easier for them, not for us. There is nothing more annoying when you phone a business and you are left speaking to an automated machine for ten minutes. The worst is when the automated machine askes you to key in your account number….and then, when you do eventually get to speak to someone, they ask you for that very same account number…. what was the point, you have just wasted my time! I have not been well served, I have been irritated. When that happens every single one of us would change to a competitor in a heartbeat.

That brings me to my point, if we are to grow our business and become the leader in our industry, we need to serve our clients, listen to them, identify with the them. Most importantly, we need to create an experience for our clients.

Enjoy the video below or listen to my podcast as I share some of my thoughts.

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