Keynote Speaker

“Experienced Business Owner with a demonstrated history of working in the wholesale and sales industry. Skilled in Management, Customer Service, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Online Marketing. Strong entrepreneurial philosophy with a passion for uplifting people. An energetic keynote speaker with true life stories that will lift your soul.”

Bradley Day is an entrepreneur,  inspirational and motivational speaker, facilitator and general all round good guy! He has a passion for people and inspiring them to step out of their comfort zone! Bradley has been involved in a number of sectors during his career, having worked in the formal corporate sector for companies such as Tracker Network, Thales and Smartsurv Wireless. He has also worked in a  family business and owns and manages Day Pro Digital Solutions.   Having experienced many successes and failures, not to mention disappointments, he boasts a wealth of life experience. Life is full of possibilities! Bradley believes life requires a good dose of risk, a healthy portion of balance and a whole lot of heart and soul! Life is an adventure and that stands out with Bradley, he has led an active life, from obtaining his pilots license to great cycling achievements and a love for running. Bradley Day’s talks will leave you riveted , inspired and PUMPED UP!

Day Pro – Lead & Inspire

Day Pro Digital Solutions inspirational initiative “Day Pro – Lead & Inspire” is driven at the heart by Bradley Day, We have to face facts, strong, moral and ethical leadership is rare in our modern times. The aim of the Lead & Inspire initiative is to harness leadership skills and personal growth at ground roots level. The emphasis, to inspire and encourage individuals, entire communities and organisations to not only lead the way in building business and leadership of high ethical value, but also uplift each other. As part of the initiative, Day Pro – Lead & Inspire hosts a variety of workshops and talks. The workshops instill the fundamental skills for both personal growth and leadership roles. Keep an eye on this website and be sure to follow Bradley’s blog to be kept up to-date with the latest information.

Time Line

2009 – Bradley Day launches Day Pro Digital Solutions

2010 Day Pro Digital Solutions has developed a reputation as the number one photographic accessory supply company in the Western Cape.

2011 to 2014 Bradley with the Day Pro Team hold a successful campaign to raise awareness for the harsh effects and dangers of high blood pressure.

2014 Starts promoting a  “Green Campaign” for renewable and alternative energy.

2015 Bradley and Day Pro Digital Solutions launch the initiative “Day Pro Lead & Inspire”

2016 Day Pro Digital Solutions stops trading as a product driven supplier to focusing on people and upliftment projects.

2017 – Day Pro Lead & Inspire launch the first seminars and workshops –  Presentation & Speaking Skills – a fundamental leadership skill.

2017 – Day Pro Lead & Inspire launch the Relentless Program – A 3 day workshop designed for entrepreneurs…..and would be entrepreneurs!

2017 – Day Pro Lead & Inspire launch a Youth Program aimed at High Schools and cultivating the next generation of leaders.

2018 – Bradley Day announces the upcoming release of his book – The Eagle in the Sky.

2019 – Survival Mode – Bradley hits major personal setbacks  – feels all hope is lost!

2020 – Survival Mode – Worldwide pandemic hits – still trying to recover from previous years set backs – hit with a double whammy! The world has changed! Bradley starts working at a Corporate Company.

2021 – Recovery – Cultivating the right wining mindset. Adapting to the “new normal”. Rebuilding Day Pro with new products and services.

2022 – #WINNING – Forward and onward