Customer Experience

We get so caught up in our day to day running of a business that we very often forget what is truly important to the success of our business. What is it that will make our business successful and grow? Look, most of my talks and what I do revolve a lot around leadership and … More Customer Experience

Are You Listening?

Do you LISTEN when others speak? Listening when others speak is as important in communication as the actually ability to speak clearly.  It does not matter if you are part of an audience or having a one on one conversation with someone Tip #1: When someone is speaking listen with intent of understanding, not responding. … More Are You Listening?

Podcast Launch

It is official, I have launched a brand new Podcast Service. Epidsodes will be uploaded soon. Grab a listen to our first practice promo: Listen to “Lead & Inspire Podcast Announcement” on Spreaker. Here is our first episode with a very special guest: Listen to “Lead & Inspire FIRST Podcast!” on Spreaker. I am busy … More Podcast Launch

Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop

On Wednesday, 25 April 2018 I facilitated another Lead & Inspire – Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop that we held at Lagoon Beach Conference Center. A great day that pushed delegates out of their comfort zone. The public speaking workshop covered the following topics: Hot to say it Vocal Variety Body Language Confidence Building a … More Speaking & Presentation Skills Workshop


“The beautiful thing about learning is that nobody can take it away from you” B.B. King When we are learning we are growing, if we are not growing we are dying. I would much rather be learning and growing than dying. Our modern world is filled with information. With a few simple clicks we are … More Education

Leadership Revisited

There has never been a greater time for us to be focused on cultivating leadership, right at ground roots level. Let’s face facts, strong, moral and ethical leadership is hard to come by in our modern day chaos. Where do we find these leaders. The leaders we yearn for and need so much! Firstly, let’s define … More Leadership Revisited