Public Speaking & Presentation Skills



The Ultimate Leadership Skill!

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Course

The Ultimate Leadership Skill!

  • Learn how to build and develop a talk or presentation
  • Boost Confidence, control and self discipline
  • Learn the art of Body Language
  • Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
  • Learn about the Through Line
  • Talk like a leader
  • One on one – Online or in person

Our course is designed to make you comfortable talking to small and large audiences. You will be able to get your point across with comfort and ease.

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We have options for individuals and organizations.

The ability to speak in public is a fundamental business, leadership and life skills that we so often ignore. Yet, a speech or presentation delivered well can transform a career, an organisation or even a community. A fair amount of research has been conducted worldwide and the results are astounding. More people the world over are scared to speak in public than they are of DEATH! Most people would rather be in the coffin than have to address the people in the audience.

We conducted our own research with MBA students here in Cape Town. These students consisted of current and future business leaders. Of those surveyed, 80% admitted that they lacked the confidence to speak to an audience. In total 98% agreed that our education systems do not pay enough if any attention to public speaking.

The Lead & Inspire Speaking Skills Workshop has been designed by Motivational Speaker Bradley Day with the aim of inspiring courage and pushing delegates to achieve new levels of communication.

Companies and organizations can choose from:

  • A Two Hour Master Session
  • A Full Day Workshop
  • Two Day Intensive Workshop.
  • One on One coaching available in person or online.

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Public Speaking Skills

Workshop Brief:

We develop effective presentation, communication and public speaking skills that leave delegates comfortable and confident speaking to small and large audiences. Our focus is to get people to speak so as that people will listen and be engaged in the  product, service or message. Very often we do not focus on the importance of creating a dynamic presentation or delivering a powerful speech. This Presentation & Communication Workshop is designed and built to boost confidence and push delegates out of their comfort zone. The day is completed with a great sense of motivation and inspiration. Every workshop is customised to attain a goal that is required by the organisation, often this is to increase sales and improve leadership skills.

Workshops are held onsite or at a venue of your choice. We customise  and design the workshop to  align with company culture. The Day Pro – Public Speaking & Presentation  Skills Workshop is held over a full day with options for follow up evaluations. We conduct a free needs analysis before you even commit to a workshop, this will enable us to customise the workshop and obtain maximum impact and achieve great results on the day.

Workshops are conducted in all major cities throughout South Africa.


Public Speaking Workshop_Sweat

Workshop Topics:

  • Lead & Inspire OrientationBradley Day One on One
  • Speaking Off the Cuff
  • Idea Building
  • Learning How To Say It
  • Organisation
  • Powerful Body Language
  • Vocal Variety
  • The Through line – Whats the point?
  • Rehearsal & Mental Prep
  • Dealing with a Q & A
  • Opening & Closing your presentation
  • How to build an argument
  • Debating Skills
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Listening Skills
  • Evaluations

Well suited for entrepreneurs, business leaders, sales teams, in fact

anyone that wants to bolster their public speaking and presentation skills.

VIDEO: Basic Principles of Public Speaking and Presenting

VIDEO: Listening Skills

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“The Workshop was great, very impressive, the content was very relevant and very valuable. Bradley is a great facilitator, his way of teaching is easily understandable and engaging. I would recommend Day Pro and Bradley to anyone looking to learn skills to speak in public” – Lesego Tlhwale -Media Advocacy Officer – SWEAT

“An overall inspiring experience. Content and engagement was strong enough to keep my attention the entire day. I recommend anyone weather or not they use public speaking to attend this course, it will help you speak to people in general” – Shelton Lutchmen, Sales Director – Precision Meters

“I loved learning the technical side to speaking and having a passionate presenter. I had such a great time learning and networking. I loved to see the passion you have & that you are willing to share you and your time. Thank You” – Candice Petronio

“Thank you for the amazing workshop you delivered on Public Speaking & Presenting for Releasing Eagles. The feedback from the beneficiaries was very positive. I saw scholars and qualified coaches making notes during your session. This is just testimony of how much value each and everyone found in the workshop.” -Pamela Andre – Releasing Eagles