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The ability to speak in public is a FUNDAMENTAL BUSINESS, LEADERSHIP  & LIFE SKILL!

Do you want to INCREASE SALES & CLOSE more deals?

Enroll your sales team in the POWERFUL & INSPIRING, Day Pro – Business Speaking Skills Workshop!

Become a powerful presenter and public speaker!
BOOST confidence, control and self-discipline
Learn to speak and people will listen
Develop Powerful Body Language
Learn how to prepare and create engaging presentations
Deliver presentations and speeches successfully!

“Effective public speaking can transform a career, an organisation and increase revenue.”



We develop effective public speaking and presentation skills that leave delegates comfortable and confident speaking to small and large audiences. Learn to speak so as that people will listen and become engaged in your product or service. Very often we do not focus on the importance of creating a dynamic presentation or delivering a powerful speech. Been  confident and engaging results in more SALES and CLOSED deals!

Workshops are held onsite or at a venue of your choice. We customise  and design the workshop to achieve a pre-determined outcome and align with company culture. The Day Pro – Business Speaking Skills Workshop is held over a full day with options for follow up.




Workshop Topics:

  • Lead & Inspire Orientation
  • Speaking Off the Cuff
  • Idea Building
  • Learning How To Say It
  • Organisation
  • Powerful Body Language
  • Vocal Variety
  • The Through line – Whats the point?
  • Rehearsal & Mental Prep
  • Dealing with a Q & A
  • Opening & Closing your presentation

We conduct  a needs analysis before you even commit, this will enable us to customise the workshop and obtain maximum impact and achieve great results on the day.

Well suited for entrepreneurs, business leaders and sales teams.


“An overall inspiring experience. Content and engagement was strong enough to keep my attention the entire day. I recommend anyone weather or not they use public speaking to attend this course, it will help you speak to people in general” – Shelton Lutchmen, Sales Director – Precision Meters

“I loved learning the technical side to speaking and having a passionate presenter. I had such a great time learning and networking. I loved to see the passion you have & that you are willing to share you and your time. Thank You” – Candice Petronio

Workshops are facilitated by Bradley Day – boasting 24 years of  business and  sales  experience.

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More Information:

Choose from customised corporate packages or a one day Business Speaking and Presentation Skills workshop that will energise and enhance your ability.

Perfect for entrepreneurs, sales people, leaders, any one that wants to uplift their business speaking skills and GET RESULTS!

Are you looking for the courage to stand up and speak to small and large audiences? Do you want to increase sales or just hone in on skills you already have? Do you want to make a statement with your presentation skills or elevate your leadership skills?

We develop effective presentation and public speaking  skills. You will be more confident speaking to any group, regardless of whether you are speaking to your friends, colleagues or doing a presentation to a board of directors.

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