The Mighty Leader

Becoming an Influential Leader

Influential Leaders are fundamental in business and in life. Strong leadership inspires people to a higher level of purpose and performance through strong human relations. Leadership one of the most important functions of management to maximize efficiency and achieve goals within an organization.

Bradley Day has developed and facilitates “The Mighty Leader Workshop”. The workshop is based on real life experiences and scenarios. The workshops adheres to ‘The Day Pro – Lead & Inspire” mission; To Cultivate Leadership and Inspire Courage!

The workshop is well suited to senior management and junior members of an organization.  This workshop can be customized to achieve a a desired set of goals by an organization.

The Mighty Leader Workshop has been designed by Bradley Day with the aim of inspiring courage and pushing delegates to achieve a higher sense of purpose as leaders.

Companies and organizations can choose from:

A 2 to 4  hour Master Session

A Full Day Workshop

Workshops are held onsite or at a venue of your choice. We customise  and design the workshop to  align with company culture.  We conduct a free needs analysis before you even commit to a workshop, this will enable us to customise the workshop and obtain maximum impact and achieve great results on the day.

Workshops are conducted in all major cities throughout South Africa.

Workshop Topics:

  • Lead & Inspire Motivational
  • Inspiring Others
  • The Winning Attitude and Mental Toughness
  • Success & Teamwork
  • Courage
  • Personal Growth & Education
  • Dynamic Audio & Video Clips
  • Finding The Eagle In The Sky – Taking Control
  • The Ultimate Leadership Skill
  • Building a Team
  • Becoming Influential

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