Youth Program

Michaela van Breda

Designed for high schools and learners that want to gain confidence in leadership and public speaking. We customize the program to suit the schools specific needs. The program adheres to strict Day Pro Youth Program guidelines.

We develop effective public speaking and presentation skills that will leave the learners feeling comfortable speaking to any group of people, regardless of whether they are speaking to their peers at school or doing a presentation to a board of directors. Learners will also be coached on the ability to ‘listen’ to others. The sessions will be fun and very interactive, with a  ‘Learn by Doing’ environment they will develop confidence and the capability to stand up in front of an audience and speak well.

Just some of the outcomes the program aims to attain:

• Overcome fear of public speaking and presenting
• Build self-confidence, control and self-discipline
• Learn how to speak so people will listen
• Learn about the power of body language
• Learn how to prepare and create presentations
• Deliver presentations and speeches successfully

Lead & Inspire Youth Program at Protea Heights Academy

The inaugural Day Pro – Lead & Inspire Youth Program concluded on the 30 November 2017. In total, 21 learners from Protea Heights Academy earned certificates of completion at a spectacular cultural evening held at the school. During the course of the program the learners were given instruction on speaking in public – a core leadership and business skill that is often ignored. Eight of the learners stepped out on stage and delivered inspirational speeches to an audience of more than 300 people. These individuals delivered talks that would rival any stage. I am super proud! Marco van Renssen officially winning the Day Pro Leadership award by claiming first place in the speech contest. Monique Majora taking second place and Tia Welman third. Genant Laubsher and Yolanda Pontsana were our gracious emcee’s for the evening. It was a privilege working alongside Miss Michaels from Protea Heights Academy building up the leaders of our future. I am looking forward to achieving exceptional results again next year as we grow the program and introduce this essential leadership program to more schools.

Bradley Day – Driver of the Day Pro Lead & Inspire Initiative.


More information can be obtained directly from Bradley  – Call 084 919 2528 or complete the form below.