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Hard hitting, real life keynote talks. South African Motivational Speaker Bradley Day is inspirational and energetic, based in Cape Town South Africa. Inspiring strong leadership, teamwork, courage and success! He designs and facilitates dynamic Public Speaking Courses, Presentation Skills Workshops, Leadership Workshops, Team-Building Sessions and Mentorship Programme’s

#Winning 2022:

Life, leadership, courage and teamwork. How do we develop mental toughness and build a winning attitude.  It takes courage and a sense of purpose to step out of a comfort zone, or to pick yourself up from the depths of despair. Our focus is a winning attitude as we move into and beyond 2022. Motivational speaker Bradley Day digs deep and cuts to the chase in these authentic real life motivational talks. #winning2022.

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Workshops, Courses & Seminars

Public Speaking Course & Presentation Skills Workshop

The Ultimate Leadership Skill

The Public Speaking Course and Presentation Skills Workshop is designed to increase impact when delivering presentations and communicating to keep the audience engaged. Well suited for business leaders and sales and marketing teams. In fact any business that delivers presentations and needs and wants to get results. Speak to small and large audiences with confidence.

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Choose from customized corporate packages or a one day Public Speaking Course and Presentation Skills Workshop that will energize and enhance your communication ability. Suitable for entrepreneurs, sales people, leaders, any one that wants to uplift their public speaking skills. Are you looking for the courage to stand up and speak to small and large audiences? Do you want to  hone in on skills you already have? You will be more confident speaking to any group, regardless of whether you are speaking to your friends, colleagues or doing a presentation to a board of directors. Although based in Cape Town, South Africa the course is available in all major centers including Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, East London and Port Elizabeth. Training and courses are available for corporate groups or one one. Our courses can also be conducted online.

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“Mindset only matters when it leads to action. Winning is an action, not a mindset”

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Bradley Day Public Speaking

Bradley Day is a Motivational Speaker based in Cape Town South Africa. He operates nationally in all major centers including Johannesburg, Durban, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London and George. Bradley is also available internationally.

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