Our Greatest Enemy

We all have one common enemy! That enemy will stop you in your tracks and beat you down until it has consumed every ounce of life you have. Everyday I meet people with goals, ambitions and big dreams that will never be realized. These great ideas will eventually follow these people to the grave. Most of these people will be so overcome with fear they will never attempt to pursue what their heart really yearns for, they will never find their true purpose in life. They will settle. These people have given in to our greatest enemy, fear of failure! So many people come up with such awesome ideas and concepts that could change the entire world, yet we will never hear or see of it. Once you let fear in, it will cripple you and consume you, eventually fear will overcome you and destroy your very soul.

Failure is nothing to be fearful of. If you fail at something it means you actually tried, you can take whatever you learnt from that experience and move forward with new knowledge you have gained. Most important, when you do fail you are at your most vulnerable to fall into fear, be resilient, block it, move forward.  The greatest leaders the world have had their fair share of failures. The defining factor between those leaders and everyone else is they kept working it and kept moving forward, they did not let fear get the better of them.

Stop listening to your fears and start following your gut! Once you let go of fear you will start to discover yourself and will start to find your true worth. Us modern humans have lost touch with our instinct and intuition. One of the most fundamental tasks you need to focus on is listening to that primal feeling deep down inside. Do you know how many times in my life I have looked back and said if only I trusted my gut instincts. I have ignored my intuition, I ignored it out of fear, fear of what will happen if I fail, or fear of what if I am wrong. I have learned to trust my instincts and no longer succumb to fear.

Block fear, follow your intuition and never give up!



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