Seven Life Foundations

When I started the Day Pro – Lead & Inspire Initiative a few years ago I decided to keep the principles of the initiative as simple as possible. The result was the mission statement been summed up in three short phrases. Cultivate Leadership Inspire Courage Motivate a nation As the initiative has evolved over the … More Seven Life Foundations

Leadership Revisited

There has never been a greater time for us to be focused on cultivating leadership, right at ground roots level. Let’s face facts, strong, moral and ethical leadership is hard to come by in our modern day chaos. Where do we find these leaders. The leaders we yearn for and need so much! Firstly, let’s define … More Leadership Revisited

Live Life

  Moving to Cape Town 14 years ago was an absolute culture shock. The people, the surroundings, the entire way of life, even the way people drove was different to what I experienced growing up in Johannesburg, where I was born and bred. However – After 14 years in the Mother City, this is my home, … More Live Life

Our Greatest Enemy

We all have one common enemy! That enemy will stop you in your tracks and beat you down until it has consumed every ounce of life you have. Everyday I meet people with goals, ambitions and big dreams that will never be realized. These great ideas will eventually follow these people to the grave. Most … More Our Greatest Enemy